Community Groups


Community Groups

Community Groups are student-led spaces to meet quality people, explore faith, and discover what college could look like if God was a part of it. 

You will read short stories from Scripture in a way that is meaningful and easy to connect with-- whether you've read it a million times or never cracked open a Bible, you will find something specifically relevant to you.

Thriving in faith, no spiritual background, or somewhere in between – all are welcome to attend!  


2019-2020 Groups Coming Soon

Check back for updated info on 2019-20 groups

2018-2019 Groups

Freshman Group

Mondays at 7pm in Aromas - Couches

Contact Zach Harris:

Engineering School Students

Wednesdays in Loma Hall 321 1:15-2:15p

Contact Alec Aguilera or Gabe Kong: or

Upperclassmen Students

Mondays on the 2nd Floor SLP at 7pm

Contact Matthew Rogers:

Business School Students

Contact Haley Shirley:

Latino Students- La Fe Ministry

Contact Pamela Segura: 

Black Students - Black Campus Ministry

Contact Ryan Gentry:

Men’s Prayer Group

Fridays in Aromas at 8:30am

Contact Matthew Rogers:

Prayer and Worship Group: all-campus

Wednesdays at our “Ministry House” across from campus 7:30-9:00pm

Text staff Michael Taberner for address directions: (661) 972-3204

Click HERE if you want to start something for a group not listed above! We are always open to starting new things.